Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Amr Diab New Song-Aslaha Betefre'

Aslaha Betefre' (2010)
Amr Diab has released a mini album for the first time in his career history, produced by Rotana, in July 2010. The mini album contains 1 song with 3 arrangements (Original song + Club Mix + Karaoke). Amr Diab was the second most popular and the second best selling artist in the Middle East after Cheb Khaled.

Amr Diab Aslaha Betefre' Song

Amr Diab's Gallery . . . .

Amr Diab Aslaha Betefre'
Amr Diab Looking Great on Black Costume
Amr Diab's Tattoo
Amr Diab Fresh Smile
Amr Diab in White Clothes
Amr Diab Black and White Photo

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